2015 show 339 march 25

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Tonight’s topic among others: Some Books that Daniel had recommended are Out of Print! Barnes & Nobles have exactly 1 drop of knowledge in the Whole Store!
Many of the valuable .. pertinent Tomes are vanishing in the Remainder Files! There are volumes after volumes, and DVD’s, and Movies all about “Corruption”… “Coming Soon to a Neighbourhood Near You” !

Clint is reading

Greg Hallet “The HIdden King of England”

The Queen is a Fraud, the real bloodline is extant from the Saxe-Coburg .. Line. The Return of the King, and the Narnia Books, and Harry Potter all have us programmed to await “The Real King who Will Save Us”!

Intrusion upon Seclusion ..and how it affects Law!

“He who does not forbid what he is able to prevent is able to Ascent!


2015 show 334 march 18

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Tonight’s topic among others: The Topic Tonight, more on the Maxims of Law. All Maxims are designed to protect the Government! Evil: Any Conspiracy against the Functionality of Government! Intrusion Upon Seclusion, (Invasion of Privacy)!