2015 show 359 april 29

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Tonight’s topic among others: KW was having the Court Declare the status for which they saw KW as a Living Man. And what is the Court’s Relation to this Living Man!
KW proved his Blood joined him to the Founding Fathers, which allowed the Court to sever him from the People.
Clint has plans to read Voltaire! “A people that sells it’s own children, is more condemn able than the Buyer” “This Commerce demonstrates our superiority .. He who gives himself a Master is Born to Have one”
Dead Capital or Stock .. produces no profit!


2015 show 354 april 22

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Tonight’s topic among others: Jehovah … “The Supreme Being” … from Hebrew .. the Permanent Being.. The Eternal Spirit.. “I am that I am”! All that is Nature, the Ground, the Air the Water!
It has been twisted into A Magistrate or Judge or an Angel! Why does Jehovah have to be personified as a small verb so that Government in it’s Artifice .. can become God!
Many Callers take the show on a different tack.

2015 show 350 april 08

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Tonight’s topic among others: Clint’s Upcoming Presentation at the Free Your Mind III Conference!

Clint will explain what Volunteerism Really Means.

The U.S. System of Taxation is based on Voluntary Assessment and Payment!

Dean Clifford is Free! .. right? Dean is a Target who doesn’t understand the Rules.

2015 show 345 april 01

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Tonight’s topic among others: Clint finds Himself on an Ominous List from the “Sole and Living Christ”.. Yikes!
Clint discusses the following Article: http://www.trueactivist.com/study-americans-are-58-times-more-likely-to-be-killed-by-cops-than-terrorists/ Daniel and Clint look into, “Leasing”!