2014 show 187 july 30

Surety is “My” Name I stand under “The Law of the Land” The Law of the Corporation, in the land of the dead


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Tonight’s topic among others: Surety (as in Surname), “The Law of the Land” .. The Law of the Corporation of the United States .. Supersedes any State Law! Some Definitions:  Tort, Indebtedness, Attorney General, Public, Debtor Names

debtor (n.) early 13c., dettur, dettour, from Old French detour, from Latin debitor “a debter,” from past participle stem of debere; see debt. The -b- was restored in later French, and in English c. 1560-c. 1660. The KJV has detter three times, debter three times, debtor twice and debtour once.

tort (n.) mid-13c., “injury, wrong,” from Old French tort “wrong, injustice, crime” (11c.), from Medieval Latin tortum “injustice,” noun use of neuter of tortus “wrung, twisted,” past participle of Latin torquere “turn, turn awry, twist, wring, distort” (see torque (n.)). Legal sense of “breach of a duty, whereby someone acquires a right of action for damages” is first recorded 1580s.